Colorado has some of the best rafting in the continental US. One of our favorites? Clear Creek.

Rafting Clear Creek is nonstop fun, as it has more rapids per mile than almost any other river in the state.

6-8-16 Catfish (10)

There are a lot of reasons to love Clear Creek. White water rafting enthusiasts will smile when they talk about this river because it has something for everybody. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll find fun on this river.

As any white water purist would say, if you don’t get wet you’re not rafting. And that’s certainly true of Clear Creek.

Rafting this river is an unforgettable experience.

Our rafters agree… Check out these reviews from

“Awesome experience!” ★★★★★

“We rafted the Numbers on the Arkansas and Clear Creek Intermediate with Kodi…both trips were outstanding and the guides and team at both locations were excellent…the highlight of our trip!” (Source)

6-8-16 Eli (15)

“Thumbs up!” ★★★★★

“We did the intermediate half day on clear creek with Kevin. My fiancé had never been and myself only once before and this trip was spectacular!! Kevin was very funny, easy to learn from, and made it that much more special and fun! It is strenuous in some of the Rapids but this was more exciting and fun for us! Would definitely recommend this company for anyone and can’t wait to go back and do the next level!” (Source)

“†Clear‡ †Creek‡ with KODI” ★★★★★

“Our best raft trip to date! This was our 6th time to raft in Colorado. Clear creek was the most fun of them all! KODI raft guide Mel, was awesome keeping us out of trouble and could even tell a good joke! Wet suit and booties were in good shape and a new van for the trip to the river and back. I still have a big smile from that trip! THANKS MEL! See ya next year. –The Brown Bunch and Holly the swimmer :)” (Source)

Year after year we take groups rafting Clear Creek, and we look forward to continuing that tradition for years to come!