With spring in Colorado comes the rushing water from mountain snow melt along with the rush of adrenaline from riding the rapids. Whether you’re looking to raft near Breckenridge, Denver, Colorado Springs or anywhere in between, we have the perfect rafting package to choose from! Pair any of our trips with a zip line tour to double the fun!

Families with young children, older adults, and beginners rave about our beginner raft trips on the Colorado River. These are a great starting point for those that want to take on an easier stretch of river with milder rapids. This trip offers a float through the beautiful canyons of the Gore Range and is filled with scenery beyond belief. Rafters can expect to encounter an abundance of wildlife along the banks of this winding river and perhaps an occasional bald eagle overhead. Take advantage of a quick dip in the cool water, view a historic mining cabin and take in the abundance of natural beauty as this trip ignites an appreciation for Mother Nature and American history.

Reasons to Visit Buena Vista

In addition to the milder raft trips, we also offer beginner to intermediate trips on Class III whitewater. These are also great for young families and beginners that are looking for a little more excitement, as well as folks who have rafted many times before! You’ll experience some bigger rapids in addition to stunning views and history of the areas. These trips depart from our Frisco on the Blue River through the White River National Forest, and from the Arkansas River Outpost through Brown’s Canyon National Monument – Colorado’s most popular whitewater rafting trip and the quintessential Colorado whitewater experience. Both of these are excellent choices for spring rafting!

For those that are looking for a thrill, our Clear Creek trips are one to consider…the rapids here are bigger and longer to get your heart racing, followed by some stretches of calm river to take in the sights and relax with your group before taking on the next set of rapids. Want to see Clear Creek but are looking for lower key options?– we have a beginner trip here as well.

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The advanced trips we offer are sure to get your adrenaline going. These are the biggest rapids we could find and are sure to give you a wet and wild ride down some great whitewater. Ask us about the numbers on the Arkansas River – another winner in spring rafting! Be prepared for some intense paddling.

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All of our trips can bundled. Whether you want to hop in the saddle after you paddle or get a view of the high country from above tree line, your rafting trip can always be paired with a fun adventure on land or in the air.

Take a look at all of our rafting and package trip options to find the best one for you and your family/group. Should you have any questions or are looking for another opinion, don’t hesitate to give us a call before all of our trips get booked for the season!