Move over kayaks and canoes. There’s a new water sport that’s dominating rivers and lakes these days; people are LOVING the standup paddle board.

The SUP is a convenient and versatile way to get on the water. And there are so many ways to have fun with it. Let’s take a look at the many ways that people are getting up on SUPs.

Family Fun

For some, SUPing is a relaxing way to enjoy water and sunshine. People take their kids and even their dogs out for a spin on SUPs. If you’re sticking to calm waters, a SUP can be suitable for all ages on a family vacation.

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2. Exercise and Cross-training

Others use SUPs for exercise or cross-training for other sports. Professional mountain biker Richie Schley trains on his SUP to improve core strength for mountain bike racing.

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3. Bow fishing

Bow fishing isn’t a sport that many people have tried, but many people are loving Instagrammer Beka Garris’ photos of bow fishing off her SUP. She uses her board to get out into the water and catch some really big fish!

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4. Yoga

SUP Yoga has become a sport all its own. There are classes held on lakes around the world. Transitioning from a traditional yoga studio to a SUP is the ultimate test of core strength and balance, as you work with the movement of the water.

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5. Pro-SUPers

And then, of course, there are the pro SUPers; those who have latched on to the growing trend and made a lifestyle and a career around it. Professional SUPers accomplish all types of athletic fetes on SUPs, from racing to big wave surfing. Check out SUP Magazine for some inspiration from the big guns like World Champion Annabel Anderson.

6. SUP with Kodi!

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