Everyone loves a good pairing; wine and cheese, cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, green eggs and ham, saddle and paddle.

Wait, what? Never heard of a saddle paddle?

The Saddle Paddle is the newest combination trip from KODI rafting. Ride the Rockies on horseback, then venture down the beautiful Colorado River through one of the most historic and scenic canyons in the country. The four-mile raft trip includes some of the most beautiful sections of the river and a stop at natural hot springs. It’s a single, fun-filled day that introduces participants to two beautiful sides of the region, by land and by water. 

This trip is appropriate for the entire family; the minimum age is seven, so bring the kiddos and prepare to enjoy an exciting and relaxing day with a pairing of two great Colorado activities.

Ready to give this soon-to-be-classic pairing a try? Come out and join us for an upcoming Saddle Paddle!