Awareness Water & Rope Rescue (AWR)

river rafting safety with Swiftwater

river rafting safety with Swiftwater

This 8 hour classroom seminar introduces personnel to the problems associated with water & rope rescue as well as the procedures to follow in flash flood, large-scale disaster, and seasonal flooding situations.

In order to accomplish the responsibilities of the awareness level responder, the course also provides students with a conceptual understanding of the principles, applications, and hazards associated with advanced water rescue techniques. No previous experience necessary.


The course is designed to develop knowledge in the areas of:

  • Scene assessment & incident size up (of both existing & potential conditions)
  • Resource ordering
  • Activation procedures for rescue response
  • Site control and scene management
  • Hazard recognition & mitigation procedure

Standard: NFPA 1670 Awareness (Water and Rope)
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: None
Cost: $190

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