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Compare Colorado Whitewater Raft Trips

Colorado whitewater rafting trips in Frisco, Breckenridge, Idaho Springs, Buena Vista & Kremmling since 1986. Half day to full day – we have do it all. And we love our rivers and the deep history and fun facts they bring to life

Fun Facts on the Rivers we ride!

KodiMapArkansas River – The Arkansas river is home to over 152 miles of rafting territory and drops about 4,650 feet in elevation over the course of the river. Meaning this is one wild ride!

Blue River –  Blue River meanders through the Arapaho National Forest and offers over two miles of continuous whitewater, ending with continuous Class II rapids.

Clear Creek Colorado River – More rapids per mile than most commercially rafted rivers in Colorado. I like a good rapid!

Rafting Dolores River – The river was explored and possibly named by Juan Maria Antonio Rivera during an 1765 expedition.

Rafting Ten Mile Creek – The newest commercially rafted river in Colorado! The headwaters begin at Copper Mountain and the creek tangles along I-70 where experienced boaters only get a glimpse of it for a few short days, if it has a season at all.

Use the chart below to compare raft trips, and then click on the link for more information. Please give us a call if you have any questions, or would like to book a guided raft trip with KODI Rafting.

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 mild  wet  wild
Arkansas River
Browns Canyon National Monument Full Day tc2
Browns Canyon National Monument  1/2 Day tc2
Browns Canyon National Monument Extreme tc2
Browns Canyon National Monument Overnight tc2
Numbers Full Day tc2
Numbers 1/2 Day tc2
Big Bend 1/2 Day tc2
Blue River
Blue River Rafting tc2
Clear Creek
Clear Creek 1/2 Day Advanced tc2
Clear Creek 1/2 Day Intermediate tc2
Clear Creek 1/3 Day Beginner tc2
Colorado River Rafting
Upper Colorado Full Day tc2
Upper Colorado 1/2 Day tc2
Upper Colorado Overnight tc2
Upper Colorado Full Day or 1.2 Day (Duckie) tc2
SUP Tour (paddleboard) – Full Day tc2
Saddle Paddle™ tc2
Dolores River Rafting
Dolores River 3 Day tc2
Ten Mile Creek
Two Hour Happy Hour tc2

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